6 May 2013
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6 May 2013,

“How High Speed Machining Can Improve Your Bottom Line,” the title of the webinar presented by the manufacturers of GibbsCAM (Gibbs and Associates), will discuss how the implementation of several existing and proven CAM strategies, technologies and methodologies working in harmony can have a significant impact on a shop’s profitability and bottom line. The concepts of high volume material removal, plunge roughing, three- to five-axis morph roughing and finishing and even selecting the right application approach can all play a significant role in overhauling the efficiency of any shop. The webinar on June 12, 2-3 p.m. EDT, will discuss the definition of high-speed machining (HSM), factors contributing to optimized high-speed machining, why HSM is important in today’s manufacturing environment, what elements comprise HSM , HSM tools, technologies and methods, and HSM and cost reduction. To register, click here.

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